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The Fiftieth Sword


The Thousand Sword Smith is a writing project by me, Taurus Versant, where I tell the story of The Thousand Sword Smith, a man who over the course of his life, creates one thousand swords of great renown.

The format of the story is quite simple: each day I post one of the Swords, in order. As we can see above, there’s the fiftieth sword, meaning I’ve been writing for fifty days now, at least one sword every day.

I’m actively interested in gaining new readers, so if you’re interested at all yourself, even in passing, please consider reading a few swords and reblogging this post so that more people have a chance to see this, I’d really appreciate it.

A dear thank you to my current readers, I’m so thankful for having you along for the ride.

Hey, if you like reading, take a look at my friend’s writing project. It’s nicely written and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

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